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Today has been a day of grief as I am saddened to hear about the death of Cole Conley. Cole was a great friend to those who knew him and a great brother in the sigep fraternity. I did not now him long, but I will never forget the impact that he had on my life during my freshmen year of college.

The quality of Cole that I won’t forget is his faith. When I began college at Colorado State University, I was your typical freshmen seeking to make memories, party a lot, and get good grades. About midway through my first semester of college during one of our “initiation” nights, Cole spoke to us about his faith. He told us about the church he attended and extended the invite to all who were interested. I remember his boldness and now know that God using Cole that night to remind me that there was more to college life than what I was seeking. I started attended church with Cole and a couple of other brothers, and although my faith was not strong at the time, Cole and those services helped me keep my faith alive.

I remember Cole as a man who stuck to his convictions despite what everyone else around him believed. I remember Cole as a driven man who was involved in his church, school, and fraternity. I remember Cole as a man who cared deeply and self sacrificially about his friends and family. He was a also a really fun guy to be around and he had more depth to him that most people I knew at the time.

Cole Conley had faith in Jesus and that is the only requirement needed to enter into a blissful eternity with God. He was forgiven child of God who paid for by the blood of Jesus the second he truly believed. I believe he is healed now and much happier in the presence of God than he ever was on Earth. Though he may have lost hope when he past, God has not forgotten his promise of salvation made to him through Christ.

I don’t know why bad things often happen and I don’t have the answers. But I do know that God is our comforter and we can look to him in these trials. I do know that somehow God uses all bad things for good. If your are suffering from depression- reach out to God, family, church, counseling, me – anyone. I battled depression a lot in life and know that you are not alone. You are more cared for than you can ever realize.

God please be with the Conley family and all who knew him. You promise “blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” I pray that all those hurting and affected by this tragedy would seek your face and that you would comfort them. I pray for all of our brothers and sisters who struggle with depression that you would heal them and fill them with the fullness of joy and hope by the power of your holy spirit. I pray for all the former members of sigep that you would help us grieve and remember what a great guy Cole was. Bring healing and hope to his mother and his sister. By your mercy and grace, let people know how much you love and cherish them through this trial. Most importantly I thank you for Cole’s life and the way he shined your light around those he came in contact with. I thank you for the rest and salvation that you have promised him through your precious son Jesus- our only hope and salvation.


  1. Dearest Son, I share your grief for your friend and also know his pain is gone now and he lives on in eternity with Jesus. I cannot imagine the pain his parents are experiencing and pray greatly for them. Good Lord this is so sad! Cole was so young. I am most appreciative for the tremendous impact he had on your life. You’ll get through your grief son, but grieve as you should because loss is a part of life. Stay safe son, You and your sister mean EVERYTHING to me! Love, Dad

  2. Dear Nick, I am saddened to hear about the loss of your friend, as I know so well the grief from losing someone who I thought left way too soon. I will pray deeply for his family and friends that they continue to be lifted. God has His plan and boy do I ever know how it feels when mine aren’t the same. Feel the pain through and take as long as you need. God has not forgotten you throughout the healing process. You are loved! Lynn Weigel

  3. Nick, we are so sorry for the loss of your great friend. Our hearts hurt for you and for his family. Know that you are in our prayers always, but especially now we pray for the God of all comfort hold you close and the same for Cole’s family and other friends. We sure do love you.

  4. Nick I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your friend . So young to be taken so early. I love you nick and pray every day for your safe return. Love ya sha sha

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