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The Hardest Goodbye

We arrived in Thailand a week ago and there has been a ton of changes that come with it. Aside from being in a new country with a new ministry, I have a new team! We do team changes every 4 months or so and I’ve started a new journey with team “One More.” Chiang Mai is like a night and day difference from Phnom Pen. There is so much to do, so much nature to be explored, and we sleep in a room with air conditioning – gotta enjoy the little things. My new team is really fun and we’ve been adventuring around Chiang Mai while getting to know each other. In the past 2 weekend I’ve explored waterfalls, kayaked in canals, pet tigers (so intense), and cliff jumped 40 feet at a water park. They call Thailand “the land of smiles” because everyone is so polite and friendly. I love the food and its great to be near mountains again. Our hosts and the friends we have made here have been so good to us and we are so blessed to be here.

Ministry has looked different throughout the week. We’re working with a foundation from Australia that overseas tons of missionaries in Thailand and we’ve helping them in their legal department. We had to go through all their files and make sure all of their permits and visas were up to date so they can continue their work. I find office work incredibly dull, but we were glad to serve these people in whatever capacity they need us to.

We got a break from the office, (Praise the Lord), and spent two days at an children’s home in a town called Wimpapow. We scrubbed away all the mold in the room where the boys slept and put a couple layers of mold-resistant paint on the walls. The work was gritty and sweaty, but my team had upbeat and positive attitudes throughout. The kids in the home were so great. Most of them came from really tough backgrounds and it was encouraging to see that God gave them a haven here. When you come across these great kids who have become orphans one often thinks, “how could anyone give this child up?” I’ve always thought of adopting children one day and this experience continues to make me think.

There was one little girl in particular who made it hard for all of us to say goodbye. Her name was Gabadi and she was really shy the first day. She was new at the orphanage and the youngest child among the group. She really warmed up to us on the second day, but unfortunately we were leaving soon after. I felt terrible about it. Everyone she trusted besides her sister had abandoned her and there we were doing the same thing after a day. Its times like these where you wrestle with your conscious and ask yourself, “Am I really helping?” The leaving situation was out of our control, but it still sucked. I don’t often have trouble saying goodbye to people, but leaving that little girl after she finally trusted us was like a dagger in the heart. She knew what was happening and you could see the disappointment in her eyes as we left. It was the hardest goodbye thus far.

On a positive note its mother’s day in Thailand and I want to give a shout out to my mom. Mom you are one of the most considerate and inspiring people I have ever known. The way I live my life today is really a result of the many powerful lessons you have taught me with your selfless servant’s heart. You’ve helped hundreds of people over the years and have expected nothing in return. You live a life of passion and faith, radiating the unconditional love of God in all that you do. You are so much fun to hang out with and I’m excited to get margaritas with you when I see you again. You’ve been the biggest prayer warrior in my life and I don’t know where I would be if you were not interceding for me. Its a joy and a blessing to be called your son and I cant wait to see how God reveals himself to you when you come visit in Swaziland. I love you Mom. 


  1. Nick, Thank you so much for the beautiful shout out ! Roles do reverse as we grow older, and you clearly have been inspiring and leading your sister, dad and I this past year. You cause us to reflect, look deep and keep our lives in check when you see us getting too caught up in worldly things.You are leading a God Centered life, going for all that He has for you and we now all long for what you have. I am a blessed mother to have you as my son ! You are a treasure and gift from God and I am so grateful that He has answered my prayers for all these years. A mother couldn’t ask for a greater gift than prayers answered ! I leave you with this poem that was sent to me today from one of the World Race Moms ! We hold them when they are babies and endlessly love them and care for them but if we want to bless them beyond all else we pray for them. I love this poem.

    Some have had kings in their lineage,
    Some to whom honor was paid.
    Not blest of my ancestors – but,
    I have a mother who prays.

    I have a mother who prays for me
    And pleads with the Lord every day for me.
    Oh what a difference it makes for me –
    I have a mother who prays.

    Some have worldly success
    And trust in riches they’ve made –
    This is my surest asset,
    I have a mother who prays.

    My mother’s prayers cannot save me,
    Only mine can avail;
    But mother introduced me to Someone –
    Someone who never could fail.
    Oh yes..I have a mother who prays for me
    And pleads with the Lord every day for me.

    O what a difference it makes for me –
    I have a mother who prays.
    Author Unknown

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. You inspire me and make me look forward to giving of myself more. Your parents are amazing role models for so many people. It’s wonderful to see you living by their example. Peace and love – Michelle

  3. How beautiful!! Yep, that momma of yours is pretty darn special. And you are proof of that Nick! Love you both x

  4. Nick so good to hear from you again. Hey, I am glad that ya’ll get the opportunity to have such fun in the mist of the ministering. But really God want us to have fun. I just wanted to say what a great note you wrote about your Mom. Really, Nick she is one of the most incredible people I have ever met my self. She could be the poster child for “selfless love”. I love her so much and she always speaks of how proud she is of you and Stephanie. Love you my friend. God blessings continue with His protection.

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