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The Killing Fields

We started ministry in Cambodia and its been really encouraging so far. This month we are teaching English and evangelism at a seminary school in Phonom Penh. The students are college-aged and come from all around Asia. There are students from India, Vietnam, and even China. I’m greatly encouraged by their profound dedication to the Lord. Many of them are the only Christians in their families and yet they are the next generation of pastors and missionaries in Asia. They welcomed us as brothers and sisters and its been so refreshing to be in an environment that is so focused on growing in the Lord and reaching others for his Kingdom. The fairly recent history of Cambodia is devastating and heartbreaking, so hope and healing through this next generation is absolutely necessary.

                On our first off day in Phonom Penh we went to the historical Killing Fields. We did an audio tour around the camp and the history is horrifying. Not many Americans know this, but in the late 70s former prime minister Pol Pot lead the Khmer Rouge in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Cambodians in the hopes of creating a communist utopian society. It was during the Vietnam war, so it did not get enough media coverage in the states. During that time, the Khmer Rouge would round up anyone who was educated, religious, or foreign and murder them in fields like the one we visited. Not only did they round up anyone who was a possible “threat” to their peasant utopia, but they kidnapped and murdered their families too. Women, children, and even infants were not spared during the genocide. As we moved around the camp, my soul grew heavier and heavier shocked by what evil men can do to one another. I wish to spare you the details of the tour describing how they would execute people in these camps, but the thousands of uncovered skulls in the memorial testify of the various malicious acts.    

I have a newfound enormous respect and sorrow for the older generation of Cambodians. What they have had to live through and recover from must have been enormous. This is very much a nation in recovery as the genocide had huge impacts on Cambodian society. If you are reading this, pray for Cambodia. Pray that God would raise this next generation to recover and thrive in society. Pray that the older generation would find healing through Jesus. Overall, just pray for Cambodia.  


  1. Nick. I’m inspired. You are talking the love of Jesus to the world. How beautiful are the feet of those that bring by good news.

  2. Powerful place man. You can feel the pain in that country as soon as you enter it. Way to enter into that pain with them, it is only through this that you can show them the healing the Gospel offers. Way to go! Praying for you man.

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